Motion cue management

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” A cue is a trigger for an action to be carried out at a specific time”

Objects like for example trusses, setpieces and video walls are being prepared before repetition and show. The axis connected to those objects are ready for running cue’s (in theory). Objects like for example aerialists, performers and changeable decoration are being prepared during repetition and show, this is where motion cue management comes in.

The aerialists, performers and changeable decoration pieces can also be in the show without motion, or the axis are being used for something else. These cues are done by the showcaller. When a performer has a cue involving motion he or she has to be prepared a X amount of time before his cue. This timing can be done by the motion cue manager. He makes sure the performer and motion axis are ready in time for the motion operator to run his show cue. This way the motion operator and showcaller can concentrate on the show.

When there a multiple axis with changeable objects the motion cue manager is leading the fly crew team. He controls the communication with the fly crew. The motion cue manager only gives the information to the motion operator and show caller that is necessary for them. He will check if every fly crew member has his axis with changeable object ready for the show cue. The motion operator gets a ready from the motion cue manager. The motion operator only has to communicate with the motion cue manager and not with the whole fly crew team. This helps him to focus more on his cues and the show.

Cue management

Aerialist running through the air

Cue management

Changeable decoration with aerialist