Motion preparation & control

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“Control system: the ability to control mechanical equipment”

Once the motion idea has become realisable the next stage is to bring it in production. We can take care of every part of the proces, from preparation to load out and everything in between.


Part of the preparation is making the cable management and doing the calculations. We consult with production and the other disciplines about the cable management, schedule and working sequence. This all will result in the working drawings, load in schedule and network diagrams. To build the system we use our big group of motion professionals, crewchiefs, motion crew, fly crew, operators etc. We compile the crew for the project, order the equipment and arrange the transport. Load in is also part of the preparation, connecting all axis, getting the system up and running for the other disciplines can do their work in the objects. Current positions of the objects also have to be made, this way the control software knows where the object is in relation to for example the stage. When all this is done the operator can start programming positions, cue’s en cuelists.


Important part offcourse is controlling the system. We believe the operator is more than somebody who just pushes the button when the cue is called. Our operators are highly skilled with the systems we use and have a lot of experience in many different kind of projects. Not only motion, they are also familiar with the other disciplines, so they know what the difficulties, struggles and possibilities are and try to be of service when needed. We understand we sometimes have to stay a couple hours extra and run through the motion positions for the lighting operator to finish his positions. Bring a video wall down so it’s easier for the video crew to replace a panel. Or bring a axis down so the aerialist can practice her routine once more, it’s all part of the job.

Preparation & Control Motion

Motion control system at the Front of House

Preparation & Control

Technical drawing made with CAD software

Preparation & Control

Axis numbering