400 years Vopak

400 years Vopak 2019-10-23T20:58:56+02:00

Project Description

  • Event: 400 years Vopak
  • Location: Ahoy, Rotterdam
  • Client: Co Solo
  • Technical production: Livetime Productions
  • Setdesign: BigVis / Bart van Rooij
  • Lighting design: T-Minus / Sander den Otter
  • Video Content: Live Legends / Ad de Haan
  • Equipment: 3x winch 125kg 2mtr/sec, 8x hoist 500kg 24mtr/min, 10x hoist 1000kg 12mtr/min, 4x hoist 2500kg 10mtr/min, 1x elevator in B-stage and 1 vorktruck to move the boat.
  • Objects: 3 aerials,, 1 320m2 3/4 circulair led screen, 1 dj booth, 2 projector trusses for the water projection and 2x main PA

Vopak_Livetime_Low-Res_0034 Vopak_Livetime_Low-Res_0055 Vopak_Livetime_Low-Res_0056 Vopak_Livetime_Low-Res_0065 Vopak_Livetime_Low-Res_0072 Vopak_Livetime_Low-Res_0074 Vopak_Livetime_Low-Res_0138 Vopak_Livetime_Low-Res_0152 Vopak_Livetime_Low-Res_0162