Bløf in Ahoy 2018 – Motion operator

Bløf in Ahoy 2018 – Motion operator 2021-11-04T17:17:45+02:00

Project Description

Bløf is a Dutch rock band from Vlissingen, Zeeland which has become popular internationally for its music, its frequent collaborations with bands from other parts of the world, willingness to incorporate other genres into their sound, and focus on bettering the world around them.

On december 14 and 15 2018, Bløf performed 2 sold out shows in the Ahoy stadium, Rotterdam the Netherlands.

We were asked by PRG to take care of the motion using their brand new Movecat system. 28 500kg hoists were used to move 14 objects with lighting and video.

  • Stage design and Video content: Bart van Rooy aka BigVis
  • Light design: Patrick Kramer
  • All technical equipment and crew by PRG
  • Pictures by SetVexy