Corporate show @ the Ziggodome

Corporate show @ the Ziggodome 2018-02-13T21:06:41+02:00

Project Description

Corporate show in the Ziggodome with Kensington, Guus Meeuwis, Berget Lewis, Sharon Doorson, Hazes Jr and many others.

  • Setdesign: Livetime Productions
  • Producent: Brand New Live
  • Technical Production; Livetime Productions
  • Equipment: 6x hoist 500kg 20m/min
  • Venue: Ziggodome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Objects: U shaped truss with curtains and lights, 8 x 4mtr video screen
  • Pictures: Nico Alsemgeest

LiveTime_NicoAlsemgeest_Ziggodome0524 LiveTime_NicoAlsemgeest_Ziggodome0547 LiveTime_NicoAlsemgeest_Ziggodome0293 LiveTime_NicoAlsemgeest_Ziggodome0214 LiveTime_NicoAlsemgeest_Ziggodome0199 LiveTime_NicoAlsemgeest_Ziggodome0198 LiveTime_NicoAlsemgeest_Ziggodome0061 LiveTime_NicoAlsemgeest_Ziggodome0044 LiveTime_NicoAlsemgeest_Ziggodome0032