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Project Description

Julia is a classic love story, told in a story where symphonic music is mixed with dance, vocals, air acrobatics and other A level acts. The Rotterdam Philharmonic works together with an international team of highly recognised artists. To make it al come together the orchestra invited Guy Caron to take part of the project; the man who made Cirque du Soleil famous. Music becomes movement, movement becomes music. A special tango choreography has been made for three Argentinean dancers, who will dance in the air!

  • Design: The Unit showcontrol
  • Client: Livetime Productions BV
  • Venue: Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Equipment: 24mtr rail with a winch on trolley. 2x winches, 3x hoist
  • Objects: 2 winches for aerialists, 1 winch on rail for an actor. The hoist moved an custom rope system build in a truss by us for an aerial tango act.
  • Pictures: Nico Alsemgeest

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