Lufthansa launches new logo

Lufthansa launches new logo 2018-12-17T21:44:20+02:00

Project Description

On Februari 7th 2018, Lufthansa launches its new logo on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the crane. But of course not somewhere … the impressive, huge A380 hangar at Frankfurt airport served as a venue.

We were asked to take care of the motion from pre-production till load out. Because of the size of the venue and the distance between all the objects we had to pay extra attention to the network setup.

  • Design: Satis & Fy
  • Client: Ampco Flashlight Rental
  • Venue: A380 hangar, Frankfurt airport
  • Equipment: 38x hoist 500kg 20m/min
  • Objects: 5x video screen on 4 hoist, 1x video screen on 6 hoist,1x lighting truss on 4 hoist and a big led roof on 8 hoist