Sensation 2014 Dubai, Source of Light

Sensation 2014 Dubai, Source of Light 2017-07-13T09:55:53+02:00

Project Description

For the first time since the start of Sensation the show was held outdoor, Dubai had the scoop for this first outdoor show ever. The 2012 show Source of Light went to Dubai.

Sensation is an electronic dance music event which originated in The Netherlands and organized by ID&T. Every year this event travels around the globe with it’s epic and beloved shows. The anthem of 2012 was ‘Source of Light’.

  • Design: ID&T
  • Client: ID&T
  • Venue: The Meydan Racecourse,¬†Dubai
  • Equipment: 90mtr rail with 6 winches on trolley’s, 2x hoist, 4x rotator
  • Objects: 6 winches on track for aerialists,¬†4 rotators for inflatable projection faces, 2 hoists for a pyro truss
  • Pictures: Nico Alsemgeest

Sensation_Dubai_2014_0006 Sensation_Dubai_2014_0007 Sensation_Dubai_2014_0008 Sensation_Dubai_2014_0009 Sensation_Dubai_2014_0010 Sensation_Dubai_2014_0011