Sensation 2014, Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Sensation 2014, Welcome to the Pleasuredome 2017-06-27T10:20:15+02:00

Project Description

Sensation is an indoor electronic dance music event which originated in The Netherlands and organized by ID&T. Every year this event travels around the globe with it’s epic and beloved shows. The anthem of 2014 was ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’.

  • Design: ID&T
  • Client: ID&T
  • Venue: World tour, started at the Arena, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Equipment: 4x winch, 8x hoist 500kg 30m/min
  • Objects: 4 winches for aerialists, the 8 hoist were combined to 4 objects for different items
  • Pictures: Nico Alsemgeest

sensation 2014

Sensation_Amsterdam_2014_0030 Sensation_Amsterdam_2014_0031 Sensation_Amsterdam_2014_0032