Business rental

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There is a lot of equipment available in the entertainment industry. Companies choose their equipment based on different reasons. All your equipment have to work perfectly together to ensure a stable system. Some parts are so important, for example safety wise, that you always want to make sure you work with the best gear. That’s why we got some equipment of which we think is the best for our business. This equipment is also available for business rental. If you have any questions or want a quotation, feel free to contact us.

ELC Switch 8GB

business rental ELC Switch

Specifications: dmXLANSwitch8GB

ELC Node 8S

Business rental Node 8S

Specifications: dmXLAN Node DLN8S

ELC Splitter DT229

Business Rental Splitter DT229

Specifications: SplitterDT229

ZFX Sommersault Harness

Business rental Sommersault Harness